FORCIA provides accurate search solutions to propel your business to the next level!

  • Our powerful search platform provides an excellent user search experience for your customers, which will directly increase your sales
  • Capability to organize and mine through volumes of data to extract value information for your marketing and business strategies
  • High quality made-in-Japan solutions incorporate the “omotenashi” spirit of hospitality
  • Search features are accurate, user-oriented, fast, intelligent and detailed

For growing businesses, a key challenge is the organization of data and ease-of-use during customer navigation. Large volumes of ever-changing complex data are difficult to organize, and if customers are not able to quickly find what they are searching for, valuable sales opportunities are lost. Moreover, the search data contains a wealth of information that could be utilized for marketing and business strategy. Since 2001, it has been FORCIA’s mission to build the most powerful and effective search platform, capable of providing the best user experience, regardless of the data’s scale or complexity.

Our platform can be applied in various ways.

As an e-commerce site search solution:
  • This essential platform provides a rich and sophisticated shopping experience for today’s customers, which will boost sales and drive revenue.
  • Due to the ease of use and availability of information, browsing shoppers are converted into buyers, which is measurable by decreased bounce rates and increased conversion rates.
As a business analysis solution:
  • The platform also efficiently organizes large volumes of data for effective data mining of valuable information.
  • Flexible and scalable usage for marketing, business development and traceability.

FORCIA has accumulated a deep understanding over a wide range of industries, and provides both customized solutions and ready-made templates. Our complete integrated solutions include business consulting to determine your exact needs, development of the solution and operation and maintenance. Please consider us a full partner on your business team, committed to meeting your business goals.




Our Products


FORCIA’s flagship platform. Customizable for a wide range of industries/applications. Capable of handling large and complex data.

Vivace® (SaaS-based model)

Pre-packaged SaaS-based platform mainly for e-commerce site search.

Google Hotel Ads Promotion Program

FORCIA is the only certified integration partner in Japan for Google Hotel Ads service.

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